How to stay safe from Phishing?

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack that involves sending fraudulent emails or text messages that appear to be from a legitimate source. The goal of a phishing attack is to trick the recipient into clicking on a malicious link or providing personal information, such as their username, password, or credit card number. Phishing […]

Top 5 Security Measures One Should Take in Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services, including computing, storage, networking, databases, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Azure is a popular platform for businesses of all sizes, and it is important to take steps to secure your Azure environment. Here are the top 5 security measures you […]

Top 5 Security Measures to Implement in AWS Cloud for Enhanced Protection

With the rapid growth of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as a leading platform, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions to businesses. However, as more organizations migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, the need for robust security measures becomes paramount. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 security measures that one […]

Why Cybersecurity is not expensive but expensive?

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. With more and more businesses and individuals relying on technology, the need for strong cybersecurity measures has never been greater. But what does cybersecurity cost? And is it really worth the investment? The answer to these questions is not always straightforward. On the one hand, cybersecurity can be […]