About Us

ProTaqnia FZE is a born-digital technology company built to cater to organizations in the Middle East & African markets that are inspired to grow 360 degrees and compete globally.

Our core value revolves around advising customers to unlock their true potential by adopting Digital Transformation to accelerate economies of scale and to remain relevant with the fast-changing customer demands and competitive scenarios.

Our experienced team and strategic global partner ecosystem bring the top technology solutions and skills to cater to our customer needs.

As a process, we always follow proven methodologies and frameworks and apply flexible models to ensure what we promised is delivered on time and every time.

Our digital transformation initiatives are usually revolving around People, Processes, and Technology which are the core of any organization that is looking to leap forward.

ProTaqnia FZE is a prominent digital transformation firm dedicated to facilitating the growth and global competitiveness of organizations in the Middle East and Africa.

At the heart of ProTaqnia’s mission is the commitment to empower customers by guiding them towards unleashing their full potential through digital transformation. With a highly skilled team of professionals and a robust global network of strategic partners, ProTaqnia offers cutting-edge technology solutions and expertise tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

As a trusted partner, ProTaqnia assists organizations in revolutionizing their businesses and thriving in the global marketplace.

We maintain a limited set of services as we specialize in these areas:

  • Digital Strategy and Advisory
  • Digital Presence and Visibility
  • Data & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security